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a specialist course for: nurses, midwives, medical caregivers, physiotherapists and paramedics, doctors, dentists ...

✅ a total of 3 modules of classes - 120 hours of classes in the specialist medical Norwegian language,

access to specialized study materials,

assistance in document authorization ,

two hours of free consultations with Poles related to the Norwegian medical services sector,

✅ a number of valuable contacts to help you when looking for a job in Norway.



Basic level A1:

At this level, you will start learning Norwegian from the very beginning. You will learn the basics of the language that will allow you to build simple statements and texts about everyday life. At the same time, you will start acquiring the vocabulary and phrases necessary for working in the medical sector in Norway.

Duration: 15 weeks

Intensity: 2 x 60 minutes a week

Materials: På Vei, Helsenorsk for deg !, Troll 1

Form of classes: online or stationary in Gdańsk

Price: PLN 3600 (installments: 2 x PLN 1800)

Elementary level A2:

At this level, from the very first class, we put emphasis on expanding the skills in the medical Norwegian language. The course is intended for people who already know the basics and would like to develop further. After completing this section, you will understand more, speak more, and construct slightly more advanced dialogues and written texts.

Duration: 15 weeks

Intensity: 2 x 60 minutes a week

Materials: På Vei, Helsenorsk for deg !, Troll 1

Yrke Hjemmehjelper, Yrke Pleieassistent

Price: PLN 3600 (installments: 2 x PLN 1800)

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If you decide to take both basic A1 + A2 courses, you get a special discount!

Instead of paying a total of PLN 7,200 for two levels,

you'll only pay PLN 6,900 ,

and the payment will be divided into installments of 4 x PLN 1725 .





Intermediate level B1: (in preparation)

When you start learning at this level, you can use Norwegian with some ease. Classes are conducted in 100% Norwegian. The topics of the classes will focus on specialist language and preparation for work in the medical sector in Norway. This course will give you a solid foundation to feel confident in contact with the Norwegians.

Duration: 30 weeks

Intensity: 2 x 60 minutes a week

Materials: Stein på stein, Helsenorsk for deg !, Grunnbok and helsenorsk

The course will be available for sale in the first half of 2021.


The proposed courses are very intensive and require daily, approximately one hour of independent work. During the course, material appropriate for a given level is implemented, but the final language knowledge acquired by the student may differ from it. It largely depends on the student's commitment, time devoted to independent work, but it may also depend on individual predispositions.


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1. Ongoing support from a teacher - a specialist in the medical Norwegian language - who will become your personal mentor.

2. Schedule adapted to your needs - meetings with the teacher from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 20.00; you start the course when you want .

3. Access to original school materials, network resources and other teaching materials.

4. Additional materials regarding the authorization of documents in Norway.

5. Free two-hour consultations with: paramedic, nurse or an employment agent operating in the health care industry.

6. A series of contacts to people related to the medical industry in Norway.

7. Certificate of completion of the course in Norwegian.




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