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Trolltunga is an unconventional Norwegian language school where ...

  • you learn in the form of one-on-one lessons with a teacher

  • the courses are conducted online and stationary in Gdańsk

  • you can learn completely from scratch to advanced level

  • prepare for exams: Norskprøve , Bergenstest, fagbrev

  • you can learn specialized vocabulary: medical, technical ...


Why Trolltunga?

Individual lessons with a personal teacher

Learning Norwegian takes place in the form of individual lessons with a dedicated teacher who becomes your language mentor.


Flexible schedule

You can study on weekdays from 9:00 to 20:00. You decide when you want to start and when you want to meet the teacher.


Materials included

You don't need to buy a textbook or other materials. You will get access to everything included in the course price for the duration of the class.


Not only Norwegian!

We will help you understand Norwegian society and prepare for a trip to Norway, as well as socialize and establish new contacts.

We focus on conversations to the maximum. The point is that our Norwegian language lessons should not only consist in solving exercises and translating Norwegian texts. You will be able to deal with it on your own after the first meeting. We will help you to open yourself to understanding the Norwegian language and to overcome the speaking barrier.

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Purpose of the method.

1. Break the language barrier and communicate freely!

2. Expand your Norwegian vocabulary!

3. Access to the Norwegian sources!

4. Learn what is important to you!

5. Learn Norwegian at your natural pace !

kurs noweskiego, lekcje norweskiego, szkoła norweskiego, norweski online


1. Open mind - we don't close ourselves in patterns

2. Conversation - 100% in Norwegian

3. Watching and listening - Norwegian media: TV, Radio, Internet

4. Daily contact with the teacher - SMS, e-mails, Facebook

5. Writing texts - independent, according to your level of advancement

6. Textbooks - in independent work, complement the common learning of Norwegian

You will think in Norwegian!


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As the only group in the Tri-City, we specialize

in teaching only Norwegian!

Magda 500x667 nowe.jpg

Magdalena Szczepańska - founder of the school and author of the Trolltunga method

  First of all, I am passionate about the Norwegian language and I believe that everyone is able to learn it. I lived for over four years in Oslo, where I studied, worked, and got to know local people and their habits. Today, I share my knowledge and values together with a team of teachers in an unconventional Norwegian language school TROLLTUNGA, which I founded. Why unconventional? Because the teaching method is based primarily on individual language training and breaking down barriers.



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sdasdsds An individual approach, interest on the part of the teacher, flexible meeting hours and breaking the work pattern with the textbook through a wide range of additional materials. Mr.Michał tossed me words on a regular basis, thanks to which from the very beginning, right after learning the basic syntax of the sentence, a person can express himself on a variety of topics and express opinions. A great motivational tool! Plus a lot of smiles. 😊 Thank you and best regards to the entire Trolltunga School team!


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